The Top 3 Motivations to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

There are various reasons for people to choose to undergo Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery.

In the past the choice to undergo Plastic Surgery would have, firstly, been because of an accident, an illness, a birth defect or some kind of trauma related event, for example, a war wound.  In some sense, the person had been disfigured and this disfiguration has a negative effect on their lives.  They believed and hoped that Plastic Surgery will reduce their difficulty, embarrassment or suffering.

Cosmetic Surgery is mostly designed to enhance a person’s attractiveness, or to better some aspect of their body that they feel need a change or improvement.  In doing this surgery, there is also the hope and belief to feel better in your own skin and to be more attractive to others.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery cannot always be separated into two categories because some procedures do need both surgeries to complete a task successfully.

3 Reasons People will choose to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

  1. Genetics. You cannot choose your own genes.  They are handed down to you at birth and will dictate how you look for the rest of your life.  Cosmetic Surgery can improve these looks if you feel you were handed a bad look at birth.
  2. Signs of Ageing. There are many anti-aging approaches that can reduce and delay the signs of ageing.  A good facelift, dermal fillers and collagen injections are just a few of the available procedures that can temporarily restore a more youthful look to the face.
  3. Acne Scars. A person’s level of confidence can be affected very negatively by acne scars.  In most cases, these scars can be significantly reduced, but it may not be possible to remove or eliminate them entirely.

Always have realistic expectations from surgeries.  A surgery won’t change your life or solve personal problems.  It might give you better self-confidence and add to your sense of well-being.